The Best New Windows 10 Phone Features in 6 GIFs

The Windows 10 preview for laptops has been out for a while, but the beta version of the new Microsoft operating system only came to (a few, select) phones yesterday. The update is super limited, so it's far from Windows 10 for phones in full. But! There's some cool stuff in there. Here's that stuff in GIF form:

You can now swipe away single notifications! Unlike Windows Phone 8.1, a huge gripe of mine:

The settings drawer is expandable, hiding extra toggles:


There's an infinitely handy little nub you can use to move your cursor around in text instead of tapping with fat fingers. I want this on all phones please:

A whooooole new, easier to read settings menu:


Tiles can get FREAKING HUGE now:


And actionable notifications. Text back right from the top bar:


And that's just the beginning. Really, the most important part of Windows 10 on phones will be the universal apps, Windows desktop apps that will also travel over to the smaller screens in your life. It'll be a while before we start seeing those pop up though. In the meantime, these little improvements are a good teaser. Yep, Windows Phones are still (slowly) getting better.

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I get the black flat obelisk concept, but would it be that difficult to make a true physical eraser-sized nub at the base of the screen that could serve as a button, too? This on-screen version requires that I look at the keyboard and at the word I am trying to move the cursor on, which is borderline worthless for and old man like me. Whereas, a physical object would allow me to never lose focus on what I am doing because I could use it without having to look for it. Please - someone make this happen.