The best science poem you'll read this month

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Poet Jessy Randall has a history of filling us with happiness by writing dreamy, occasionally silly, poems that touch on science and science fictional topics. Now she has a new book out, called Injecting Dreams Into Cows. Here's the poem that inspired the book's title:

The Consultant

The scientists told me they were injecting dreams into cows. Into some cows they injected cow dreams, and into other cows they injected human dreams.

The cows with the human dreams, they told me, were keeping journals of their dreams in their dreams. But the cows with the cow dreams were not keeping journals.

Isn't that interesting? they asked me. Isn't that a major leap forward in the study of cows and dreams?

But the cows with the cow dreams don't have hands in their dreams, I said. They just have hooves, so they can't hold pens or pencils, so of course they can't keep journals.

Oh no, said the scientists. We didn't think of that. It's good we consulted you.

You'll be rolling this one around in your brain for a little while. Read more on Jessy Randall's website, and order a copy of the book!