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The Best Steve Jobs Stories

The single upside to Steve Jobs' resignation is the outpouring of amazing stories from people who've encountered the man personally. Here's some of the best from around the web.

12-year-old Allen Paltrow sent Jobs an email with a picture of the Apple logo shaved into his head. Jobs invited him to the grand opening of the Cube store in New York.


Jonathan Berger asked Steve why he came back to Apple. His answer? Because he truly cared, and no one else gave a fuck.

Vic Gundorta remembers Steve calling him on a Sunday to talk shop.

Marc Hedlund talks about a moment in 1999 when Jobs' leadership crystallized itself.


Brett Lovelady shares what it was like working next door to Steve Jobs.

Larry Press missed an opportunity to score a job at Apple when he met Steve and Steve in 1975.

Daniel Jalkut describes the infusion of energy that Jobs' return to Apple brought in 1996.

Paul Noglows remembers Steve calling at 5:30 on a Friday to talk projector models for a presentation.


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Remember that time Steve Jobs stepped down from Apple for the third or fourth time (honestly who can keep track) and Gizmodo acted like he had died or something? That's a pretty good Steve Jobs story.