The solar-powered Davis Vantage Pro2 is an uber-precise little system that connects to an array of sensors that monitor hyperlocal microclimate conditions. That means you get your own weather forecast, cutting out the middle man.

Taken a more complicated step further, the device can be rigged up to collect the weather data and transmit it wirelessly to the internet onto services like Weather Underground, where weather nuts can share their findings.


Although, at $595 a pop, the Vantage Pro2 is on the expensive side for most people's purposes, Weather Underground already has a network of amateur meteorologists aggregating their data together to make for more accurate weather forecasting. The company says it's currently tracking around 13,400 sites in the United States and almost 20,000 worldwide. With enough of these and other solutions around, you'll be better prepared to step outside for your day. [Wired]

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