The British Museum wants to rebuild itself in Minecraft

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The British Museum is one of the world's most iconic collections of artefacts and art from thousands of years of human history - and now it wants to recreate itself in Minecraft as part of a debate on the relationship between the public and art collections in the Digital Age.


The plan is to have a build of the Museum's Great Court (with construction help crowdsourced via social media) done by October 16th, in time for a public debate called 'Changing public dialogues with museum collections in the digital age', taking place in the Museum's BP Lecture theatre. The museum will then continue to expand the build to feature the rest of the site and its exhibitions as an ongoing project.

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It's great to see institutions like the British Museum to use technology and video games to forge a better relationship with younger generations in the modern age - and they're not the first organisation to use Minecraft to do it, either. The Danish government became the first people to recreate an entire country in Minecraft in a 1:1 scale (a month later, users promptly blew bits of it up and planted American flags over it), and Map makers Ordnance Survey recently updated their Minecraft map of the UK to include houses.


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Okay, I watched this happen on Reddit and I think this article paints the situation a little more favorably than what I remember; some guy basically forced the museum to let him be a part of that event and provide servers for him to use to do it. He is not, as the BBC article states, an "employee" of the museum - he is a volunteer for the event, who basically tried to take the event hostage by posting on Reddit and taking the community enthusiasm for his "idea" back to the museum and saying "you have to do what I want because lots of people like my idea." As the spokeswoman in the BBC article alludes, the museum has no idea how to handle this guy or his plan.