The MPAA's totally excellent adventure of forcing a broadcast flag down our throats has gone tits-up thanks to House Commerce Committee Chairman Joe Barton (R-TX). This means that your TiVo won't have to phone the Man so you can send that episode of Desperate American Idols Want to Be Hiltons Island to your PMP.

A new Congressional Research Service report raises concerns that the broadcast flag's technological limitations could hinder activities normally deemed "fair use" under copyright law. For instance, students might not be able to email themselves copies of projects incorporating digital video content because no secure system exists for email transmission. "The goal of the flag was not to impede a consumer's ability to copy or use content lawfully in the home, nor was the policy intended to 'foreclose use of the Internet to send digital broadcast content where it can be adequately protected from indiscriminate redistribution,'" the report said, quoting from the FCC order.

MPAA won't get Broadcast Flag in digital TV bill! [BoingBoing]


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