New from Pentax—a smiley faced 52mm lens cap attached to a rag doll! Take a moment to process the true scope of such an idea, then realize that this flower print person is just one of 100 designs:


Each lens-cap-person-thing, also known as a Camera-man, is handmade and available for the equivalent of $33 in Japan. But they're only on the market for a limited time. So if you want to be able to convince your friends of the future that something so dually hideous and impractical once existed as a real product, you'd better bust that Amex out, and quickly. [Pentax via CrunchGear]

UPDATE: Ah, as some of the more caffeinated commenters have pointed out, the doll attaches to the camera body, not the cap itself. That makes much more sense, I mean, relatively speaking.