The Chromebook Pixel Has an Awesome Konami Code Easter Egg

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Say what you will about the Chromebook Pixel's viability, but practical or not, it's got a hidden pocket of awesome hidden somewhere deep in its brain. And you can unlock it with the Konami Code.

As it turns out, that classic up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-B-A string of input unlocks a little light show on the Pixel, causing the LEDs on its back to flip out in a little disco-display. It doesn't do anything more than that, but it's just an easter egg, and as far as those go, it's cool. Add the Chromebook Pixel to the long and storied lists of things awesome enough to nod in that direction of video game history. [Wired]


Here's a GIF of the light show that Wired put together: