The Cigarette Counter

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Smoking is horrible. It stinks, it's bad for your health, and probably the health of those around you as well. If you do it, certain people will assume you must be the product of an incestuous tryst, probably having taken place in an outhouse in the foothills of some mountain range or another, to the sweet strains of Dueling Banjos. Which, of course, is why I have RJ Reynolds on speed dial. But like so many others, I've tried to quit. Could the Cigarette Counter finally take me where patches and gums, pointed fingers and deliberate fake coughing by obnoxious jerks could not? No, probably not. But it's a lot cheaper than most alternatives, and if nothing else, if one actually uses it, one cannot help but to be aware of exactly how much they're smoking. And that, whether you're trying to quit or not, might be a useful bit of data to chew on. Or suck on and inhale, whatever you prefer.

Ciggy ciggy sputnik. [via RedFerret]