The Clearest and Most Detailed Explanation of Sandy Yet

You have heard a lot of explanations about how and why Sandy happened, but none of them are as crystal clear, informative and detailed as this video by Science Friday.

You should watch it while keeping in mind that this will happen again.

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I just so dislike this whole practice of constantly attributing everything to human induced climate change. The earth has been in a constant state of climate change for millions of years yet someow the left media and political establishment has the hubris to attribute any change to humananity's tiny lifespan. The simple fact that it used to be the disappearing zone layer in the 1990's, then that was debunked. Then it was global warming in the aughts until we saw tremendous cooling cycles begin, now they have changed it to human induced climate change. PLEASE, ENOUGH WITH PSUEDO SCIENCE! The Earth will fluctuate! Not over decades, but over centuries and millenia! Such intrepid arrogance by writers and politicos to take An UNPROVEN THEORY and cast it out into society as a hard and fast fact. Proof first, then write it in the text books as fact.