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If you've got a Nintendo DS and play stylus-heavy games like Metroid Hunters or Trauma Center: Under the Knife where precision is key, IGN recently reviewed the Comfort Stylus, a flexible rubber-coated stylus that users can mold to their liking, even wrapping it around their fingers. They gave it an overall ranking of 9.0 and call it the best DS stylus by far, saying:

Every DS owner has dealt with the clumsy transition from button to stylus at some point, trying to slide it into the holder or quickly sticking it in your mouth or in your lap to save time. The Comfort Stylus turns the tip of your pointer finger into a stylus on demand, and since most gaming is done with your thumbs the stylus is out of the way when it isn't needed. It's so simple, yet it literally changes the way we play.


$5.99 each, plus about a dollar for shipping. If you're unhappy with the stylus you use for your PDA or smartphone, the price is low enough to make the Comfort Stylus worth checking it out for use with your non-DS gadgets.
The Comfort Stylus [IGN, via Go Nintendo]