The Coming TFT-LCD Glut

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We've been talking about the future of displays for a bit now, and it seems our fears—or dreams—are coming to pass.

The Taipei Times is running a piece on over-building of TFT-LCD plants in China. "It is worrying to see that this unlimited expansion of the TFT-LCD industry may leave photoelectric plants without any profits and cause the overuse of land, capital, electricity and talent," said Director-General of the Hsinchu Science Park, James Lee. TFTs are a big, good thing, but everybody and their dog is rolling out a new plant somewhere, leading to massive environmental impact. Then, as surplus panels stack up in warehouses, we're going to be paying about $5 wholesale for a 12-inch. Not bad for us, the consumer, but very bad for LG/Toshiba/Every-other-massive-fabricator.

Official warns on coming glut in TFT-LCD factories [Taipei Times]