The Cosmo for Guys App Brings Glossy Skeeviness to the iPad

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Hey, sex sells. It's the sad-ish truth, and Cosmopolitan revels in it being fun to wonder at what constitutes love, making love, and just a good fuck for either sex. Not that you should take it seriously. But this app leaves me a little creeped out.

Cosmo for Guys (or CFG for those pretending they bought something else) is designed to give sexy advice to men, which I'm sure ranges from fair to patently bananas. Because let's face it: Cosmo is a little ridiculous. But they add the social element in the skeeviest of ways:

Looking for suggestions on what kinds of sexual activities women in your geographical area prefer? Yes, there's an app for that. Cosmo for Guys culls responses from questionnaires on and feeds them through Google Maps based on where a woman has written her response.


So the poor lonely bastard will go around thinking the girls in his corner of the world all seem to like the Passion Propeller (NOT MADE UP) because someone spammed the online form. Which would be hilarious, but still. The app will be available this August. Don't let anyone catch you with it. [NYT]

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