The CW lassos a new Wonder Woman origins series

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You can't kill Wonder Woman — she'll only come back stronger. Not long after NBC officially pulled the plug on its own Wonder Woman show, The CW has decided that they would like a shot at the lady with the lasso of truth.


Vulture is reporting that the CW, Warner Bros. and DC are all gung-ho for an origins series about Diana of
Themyscira. The pilot will be penned by Allan Heinberg (the Grey's Anatomy writer who also wrote the Wonder Woman comic briefly) and is titled Amazon. The show will start when Wonder Woman was just Wonder Girl, or possibly Wonder Teen — still finding her way as a young hero. So don't expect any invisible jets just yet. Thus far, the buzz is only about the script. The pilot has not been greenlit. Here's hoping they get her right this time.



Heinberg also wrote Young Avengers for Marvel. His cred is solid.