The Definitive How Not To Spy People In Bathrooms Guide

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If you are a pervert who wants to film video of people using public bathrooms, look no further. This useful guide will serve you well:

1. First, disregard any tiny device actually made for spying and use an iPod with a camera, preferably an iPod nano, red.
2. Make sure that the bathroom is in a place in which they know you well. If it can be in a place where your son or a close relative is a student, make it so.
3. Record some videos of yourself in the bathroom while placing the camera. Make sure all is well lighted, so everyone can see it's you. Smile a lot at the camera. Say hi.
4. Hide the iPod in the most obvious and visible spot possible. If there's a vase with flowers, just place it there.
5. Write down a completely stupid alibi. It will come handy in the remote case they catch your naughty act.
6. Have $500 in your wallet at all times. You never know where you will need to pay a bond.

That's roughly what this guy—Juan A. Reyes-Santiago —did. Surprisingly, he was caught and arrested last week after hiding an iPod inside a bathroom located at the dance studio in which his son is a student.


The Osceola County Sheriff's office said Reyes admitted the charges, but declared that he only placed the iPod to catch whoever stole his son's drumsticks. Apparently, the drumsticks were in the son's backpack, which was found in that same bathroom after the alleged theft. Reyes-Santiago probably thought that the thief would return to drum on the toilet bowl while humming a Phil Collins song. It's just logical and that's what detectives say in TV: The criminal always returns to the scene of the crime.

To top it all, he was identified because, alongside videos of the dance studio owner's wife and another man, the iPod had captured Reyes-Santiago himself, setting up the camera. It was the owner's wife who discovered the iPod behind some flowers in a vase, just as she was undressing.


Well done, Juan. You are a good example to all of us. [Click Orlando]