The delicate yet disturbing work of a neuroscientist turned artist

The work of South Korean artist Timothy H Lee is utterly influenced by his years as a neuroscience student. These beautiful sculptures and paintings are his way of digging inside his own complex and sometimes disturbed personality.


From his website:

Timothy Hyunsoo Lee (b. 1990, South Korea), affectionately called "Timmy" by his friends and family, is an emerging Korean-American artist working in Brooklyn, NY. His love for drawing began as a child, but his decision to pursue art professionally happened during his last year as a Biology, Drawing, and Neuroscience major at Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT). Drawn to the studio, and the creative process of making art, Timothy withdrew his ambitions of attending medical school and rented a studio in Williamsburg upon graduation, where he currently works.


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