I've been staring at clouds and rain all day, trying to convince myself it is, in fact, the middle of July. Somewhere around 4:30p, I just gave up and began feeding myself all the dreary music I could handle. Nothing has better sountracked my day than The-Drum's "/GON."

Like a handful of other new artists right now, the Chicago-based duo flirt with hip-hop, R&B, techno, house and ambient (among other things) in equal parts, crafting tracks that really refuse to tidily fit into any single genre. The melancholic, pitch-shifted vocals, the overlapping layers of synths, and promethazine-tinted drums all contribute to a track that's as soothing as it is bleak and unsettling. Just take any chillwave track you've ever heard and then imagine its polar opposite. That's "/GON." You can download The-Drum's new EP, Sense Net, in its entirety here.