The Dutch Have the Weirdest Google Maps Censorship

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The Netherlands have given the world so much: pizza, sex tourism, The Hague, Rembrandt, Vermeer—and let's not Aelbert Cuyp. In the tradition of the last three, the Dutch now serve up the most artistically bizarre Google blurring ever.


Architizer brings us artist Mishka Henner's "Dutch Landscapes" project: (click through for more)

As Henner notes, the number of censored sites within the small country of the Netherlands is surprising, as is the technique used by officials to disguise them. Tracts of land deemed vulnerable to attack or misappropriation are transformed into large tapestries of multi-colored polygons, archipelagos of abstraction floating in swaths of open fields, dense forests, and clusters of urban development.

Unlike good ol' yankee satellite censorship, which is just blurry, Dutch Style actually draws more attention to these secret places. What exactly lies in Noordwijk aan Zee? [Mishka Henner via Architizer]



Now, where have I seen this before?

Oh, Dutch digital camo.