The lands of Tamriel might offer new wonders every time an Elder Scrolls game comes out, but if there's one consistent beastie, it's the Mudcrab. And although there's no new game to accompany him, this plush Mudcrab is a lot cuter than his videogame counterpart.


Bethesda are selling the cute little thing as a tie-in for their recent MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online - you get a code for an in-game vanity Mudcrab pet too - but honestly it looks like a must for any TES fan just because of its damn adorableness. Look how angry he looks! The angriest, cutest plush there is.

The Mudcrab plush - which is only around 6" tall, but is 17" wide - will set you back $20 when he's out later this year.

[Bethesda Store]

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