So we just had a Presidential election, and as always, it brought out plenty of people who wanted to yell and scream and accuse anyone and everyone involved in either political party the root of all evil. Well here's a politician who gets right down in there and gets his hands dirty, with a little encouragement anyway.

The Election is a short film by Padraig Reynolds that ran at a festival way back in 2008, but has been hanging out online for only about a year. It stars Ray Wise and Lin Shaye as a gubernatorial candidate and his wife who are out in the middle of the desert for...reasons. This is one of those "the less you know the better" kind of things, so just give it a watch. At just about 9 minutes long, it truly is a short film, but it packs a punch. Get ready to wince, and let's hope none of our real politicians are hiding any secrets that are quite that nefarious and hands-on. [Short of the Week]