The Elton John iPod Has Sparkles, Needs Sunglasses

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I know what you want. You want an iPod nano, covered in 250 color-coordinated Swarovski crystals and donning Elton John's signature. Wait, you don't? WELL IT HELPS FIGHT AIDS YOU JERKS! DON'T YOU HATE AIDS???


Offered through Goldgenie (read: not Apple), Elton's personalized iPod nanos complete with his Rocket Man: The Definitive Hits CD pre-installed can be yours for $565 (8GB) or $640 (16GB). We realize that sounds like a lot, but keep in mind that 12.5% of each purchase goes back to the the Elton John AIDS Foundation—or $45 (8GB) and $51 (16GB). Only 100 of each color will be puked on with a mixture of crystals and adhesive.

Like most of the reasonable public, I'd pay 50 or so bucks not to carry one of these iPods, so maybe I should just mail in my check and have it done with. [Goldgenie via ShinyShiny]


Only $51 of $640 goes to charity? The rest of the price difference goes to those stupid decorations?

Why not buy a conventional 16GB iPod and donate the $440 to a charity that actually puts the money to good use. This is yet another example of celebrities pretending to care and being showy about it.