The Evacuation of a Flaming Plane Looks Terrifying

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Earlier today an Emirates Airlines Boeing 777 crash landed in Dubai for reasons unknown. There were no fatalities during the incident in spite of the plane’s front half being engulfed in flames. Now video has surfaced from inside flight EK521, and it looks like hell on Earth.

The two-minute video depicts the passengers exiting the plane as best they can. Some panicked people were grabbing bags while the cabin crew insisted they leave them behind and exit via the emergency slides which had deployed.

Rehan Quereshi, who uploaded the video to Twitter, claims to have gotten the footage through WhatsApp.


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People that bring bags with them while evacuating a plane need to be punched in the dick (regardless of whether they have one or not). NOTHING IN YOUR BAG IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE PEOPLE BEHIND YOU GETTING OUT OF THE PLANE ALIVE.