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Emirates Plane Erupts Into a Fireball on the Runway [Update]

Image: Times of Oman

Emirates Airlines flight EK521 from Thiruvananthapuram, India crash landed at Dubai International Airport earlier today, the BBC reports. Amateur video shows the landing gear of the Boeing 777 did not deploy before the nose erupted in flames. The cause of the crash has not yet been established.

EK521 had 282 passengers from 20 countries and 18 crew on board according to posts made by the airline on Facebook. It was also able to confirm that, somewhat miraculously, there were no fatalities in the incident. Emergency response crews were also able to subdue the flames. In a video statement, Emirates’ Chairman and Chief Executive Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum said the first priority was the well-being of those on board.

Currently all flights at DBX are suspended, with the two-runway airport preparing to make a statement within the hour. Emirates is experiencing a four hour delay across its entire network of flights.


For family members who believe a loved one was one board, Emirates has provided the following dedicated phone lines:

UAE - 8002111
UK - 00442034508853
US - 0018113502081

Update August 3, 1:44pm: Normal operations at DBX have resumed, though a number of Emirates flights are still diverted, delayed or cancelled. A list of cancelled flights can be found here. The cause of the incident is still not known.



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300 people evacuated with no fatalities? Damn. That’s impressive.

Imagine being one of the people that used the emergency slide just behind the right wing, and then watching the news reel of that wing tank exploding.

Alhamdulillah’s miller time.