The 'Face' of Anonymous Steps Down

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Barrett Brown, the man who assumed the role of Anonymous' spokesman, has stepped down, citing the PSN hack (OpSony) as an a reason for his decision to disassociate himself.


According to Ars Technica, Brown had this to say:

"But as things like OpSony arise, you attract a lot of people whose interest is in fucking with video game companies-which is not to say that there aren't legitimate reasons for OpSony or that the majority involved aren't quality people, but to the extent that someone sits things out when we're working to promote liberty and fight dictatorships but then hops on board when we start going after an electronics firm that's perpetrated far lesser villainy, one has to question those peoples' priorities."

Brown originally got involved in early 2010, as anonymous conducted ops against the Australian government and their proposed web censorship. As his profile grew, he took on prominent roles in the ops during the Middle East revolts, the Wikileaks/Mastercard affair, and HBGary, the government-contracted security firm. He even appeared on TV as a representative of the shadowy clan.

I guess it's nice to have someone to snuff out false voices for the group. But I mean, doesn't a spokesman kind of undermine the entire concept of Anon to begin with? [ArsTechnica]


So...wait, did anonymous admit to being behind it? Or is he just stepping down because they are being associated with it. Are we going to follow anonymous's search for a new head like we did with Al-Queda?