The Fastest Train in the World

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The fastest commercial train in the world is now fully armed and operational, covering the line between New York and San Francisco. OK, I lied. Actually, that's what I wanted to write. Sadly for us, it's in China.

Developed with Siemens, Bombardier and Alstom, the new train swooshes across the red land at 245mph (394km/h). The service covers 663 miles (1,068 kilometers) at an average of 217mph (350km/h), which means it's the fastest train in operation in the world according to China's railways ministry. It's part of the network of 42 high-speed lines that will be finished by 2012. If you have never tried these amazing trains in Europe or Japan, imagine going from New York to Chicago in just a bit over three hours, no absurd controls, no waits, no taxis needed.

The new Chinese high-speed lines will increase their total network from 53,437 miles to 74,564 miles. That's still smaller than the US railway system which, but ours only has one single "high-speed" line, bridging the 456 miles that separate Boston from Washington at a whooping 70mph average, totaling seven hours. Don't take that line, folks. It will liquify your brain. [Time of India]

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I would like to take the train across country but it's soooo expensive!

My parents came out to visit us this summer (So-Cal to Michigan) and decided to take Amtrack, in the end it cost them over $3600.00 and 4 days each way!

They said it was fun to do once for the experience but from now on they will drive.

Now if they could hook us up with one of the high speed trains, then we might have something to reconsider.