The Final iPhone 3GS vs Nexus One Spec Smackdown

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Specs aren't everything, but for those of you obsessed with them instead of only caring about what you actually like about a gadget, here's the latest spec smackdown between the Apple iPhone and the HTC Nexus One.


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Do I care about specs? No, not really. I don't give a damn about how many more triangles per second my cellphone can do. I care about how fun the games or how useful and polished the apps are. I don't care that the screen is made of jam and has higher resolution. I enjoy that it reads well under the sun and that it's accurate. I don't pay attention to megahertzs. I just want it to feel zippy. In other words: Who cares about the specs. Get whatever feels right to you and fits your needs. [iFixIt]



As someone who is the subject of this article ("those of you"), I feel the need to defend myself. I ask just one question.

If Apple released the Nexus One as their smartphone in 2007 and Google released the iPhone 3Gs in 2009 to attempt to gain a foot in the market, would we or would we not be in the same position?