The First-Ever 1:6 Stan Lee Figure Is Equal Parts Amazing And Terrifying

After many years helping to create superhero icons alongside the likes of Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and many other creators, Stan Lee is getting the honour many of his characters have had for decades: An action figure! It is, of course, as wonderful and as weird as a Stan Lee figure should be.

The figure, by Das Toyz, features a facial likeness approved by the man himself (and actually comes with two different heads: One your more traditional moustachioed Stan Lee, and another fully bearded, á la his cameo in Mallrats). Considering it's an action figure of an old writer, Stan does not come with many accessories, outside of several sets of glasses, giant rings to adorn his fingers, and alternate hands to have him doing the Spider-Man "thwip!" pose.


Surely someone at some point in this process must have thought about including a comic book with him? Amazing Fantasy #15? Fantastic Four #1? It seems so obvious it's baffling that it's not there.

As absurd as it is that Stan Lee has become so synonymous with the world of superheroes that he can actually get a figure to stand alongside so many of them on a collector's shelf, you can't help but smile... no matter how weird it looks. Seriously, I get it, Stan Lee is getting on at this point, but this does kind of look like a plasticky prune that's wearing a pretty convincing Stan Lee disguise, more so than the man himself.


The 1:6 Stan Lee will be out later this year, for the cost of $250 ($250!). But act fast if you want one: Only 1000 Stans are going to be made.

And hey, I got through this post without an Excelsior reference! Oh god dammit.

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