Surprise! The Google Nexus 7 tablet—aka the best way to spend $200—is shipping today. If you are looking for a tablet of this size, you should be cheering right now. It got a four-star GizRank in our review:

Should I Buy It?

Totally. At $200 there is pretty much no reason to buy a Kindle Fire at all. If you love reading Kindle Books and listening to Amazon MP3, you just install those apps and you're good to go. It also gives the iPad a good run for its money. You can argue that the iPad is a better tablet, but is it really $300 better? As useful as tablets are, they're still kind of luxury items. $200 for a full-fledged, seriously-spec'd, fully-capable tablet is an absolute steal. Get it. Seriously.


The units shipping today are the pre-orders, according to Google Play.

Locked and loaded, ready to play: we've started shipping +Nexus 7 pre-orders today!

You can order at [Google Play]