The First Non-Sony Vaios Look Very, Very Familiar

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Sony sold off its PC business earlier this year, but like a phoenix, Vaio is rising from the flames. And, err, it looks quite a lot like it did before .


The arguably iconic PC brand has been brought back to life by Japan Industrial Partners, and is initially launching with Vaio Fit and Vaio Pro computers in Japan. They don't feature Sony branding, but they are in every other way identical to the Fit and Pro lines which the company launched about a year ago. Progress!

The new laptops have gone on sale in Sony's online store, too. It's not clear when they laptops will spread to the rest of the world—but at least we know what they'll look like when they do. [Engadget]



My local Sony store is going to carry Sony computers until the end of July. I was going to pick up a Sony Flip 15, but now I wonder if I should wait for an updated version.

Also would be nice if the update would have an OLED screen. hint hint