The First Solar Tunnel To Help Power High-Speed Trains Just Opened in Europe

This two-mile tunnel running on solar power just switched on today. It's part of the Paris to Amsterdam line and the first in Europe, promising to save a ton of energy that would otherwise be wasted during the trip.


Now Paris and Amsterdam obviously aren't two miles apart. But this thing features a 16,000 solar panel array that could power 50% of the entire Antwerp station, where the first train to pass through it departed from. Imagine if more of these popped up on other train lines. [Treehugger]


Cost: 15.6 million euros

Produces: 3,300 megawatts per hour (or 3.5Mw/hours of energy each year according to one news source)

Anyone know the cost of the electricity saved per hour (or fed back into the grid). I'm curious if this is actually a cost effective installation or not. How long before it pays for itself?