The First Trailer for Skyline 3 Is Here and Earth Is Taking the Fight to Space

Lindsey Morgan stars in SKYLIN3S, aka, Skyline 3.
Lindsey Morgan stars in SKYLIN3S, aka, Skyline 3.

The Skyline franchise is delivering on the promise other sci-fi franchises have not. Aliens invaded Earth and we won. But now, humans are heading to the alien planet to end things once and for all.


Written and directed by Liam O’Donnell, SKYLIN3S (aka “Skylines,” aka the fancy title for “Skyline 3”) picks up the storyline that began in the 2010 film, Skyline, and continued in 2017's Beyond Skyline. Years have passed and some of the aliens who originally invaded Earth have changed their biology in order to assimilate, but a deadly outbreak changes it all. As the assimilated aliens begin to kill humans again, a team of soldiers—lead by a “super-powered hybrid” played by The 100's Lindsey Morgan—heads to the alien planet hoping to end the war.

Blending ideas from all manner of sci-fi action films to build the franchise’s third and final installment, io9 is excited to exclusively debut the first trailer for SKYLIN3S, which will be released December 18.

Considering this is the plot to an Independence Day 3 fans are never likely to see, it’s very pleasing to see this storyline play out. Humanity has the tools, the talent, and it’s time to show these aliens who the real power in the galaxy is.

Co-starring Alexander Siddig, Jonathan Howard, Rhona Mitra, and James Cosmo, SKYLIN3S will be released in select theaters and on-demand December 18.

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