The First Supercomputer-Designed Wind Farm Is Coming To Mexico

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Mexico is getting a brand new wind farm from a Spanish company called Iberdrola, and it's no ordinary field of windmills. This one will be the very first to be designed by a supercomputer. Humans: who need 'em?

The farm will be located on a mile and a half high spot in Puebla state, which happens to be one of the windiest parts of Mexico. The supercomputer (pictured above) used a simulation system called SEDAR (a Spanish acronym for "high resolution wind power simulator") that calculates airflow and solve complex problems like where turbines should be situated. Here's are a few specifics:

[The farm] will be made up of 33 2MW machines from turbine maker Gamesa. The $120m project is Iberdrola's fourth wind farm in Mexico and is being developed with local partner Impulsora Latinoamericana de Energías Renovables. When complete it will provide electricity for 25,000 homes.


Iberdrola plans to use the computer program for future wind farm projects, making humans further obsolete. [Globalconreview]