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The forbidden Top Gun trailer

Somewhere, in a long-forgotten vault at Paramount Pictures, there must be an old Betacam tape containing the trailer for the real Top Gun, the version that the executives didn't have the guts to distribute. The one that shows that this is the most homoerotic movie since Ben-Hur. It probably looks like this.

And yes, of course Top Gun is about a bisexual guy who falls in love with another guy. They just didn't have the guts to spell it all out back in the 80s. But we do—and our videographer Ivan Róbert made it happen.


A hidden message in the soundtrack?

Sploid reader Pessimippopotamus points out at the Top Gun soundtrack listing, with songs like Danger Zone (don't tell, don't ask), Playing with the Boys (but of course), Lead Me On (because I'm confused), Take My Breath Away (he lost his breach on that bar scene already, by the wedding scene he needed an oxygen bottle), Hot Summer Nights (at the beach, after the volleyball sessions), Heaven in Your Eyes (must be—they spent half the movie looking intensely at each other), Through the Fire (we are almost there, Maves), Can't Fight This Feeling (so just get out already), Destination Unknown (oh he knows now), and Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (the sky is the limit, baby.)


I mean...

This clip is part of SPLOID's original video series.

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It's a Hot Summer Night, and I can see Heaven in Your Eyes as we're Playing with the Boys down in my Danger Zone. Can't Fight This Feeling in my Great Balls of Fire as you Take My Breath Away Through the Fire to Destination Unknown.