Kickstarter can be a fantastic launching pad for people with real knowhow and real talent to make real ideas, well, real. There are a lot of wonderful success stories! At its very peak, Kickstarter gives everyone a shot at success. But there are also a lot of epic failures too. The truth is, like much of the Internet (or the world), a lot of stuff on Kickstarter is crap. And if it's not crap, it's not special. And if it's not special, it's not worth it. And if it's not worth it, Kickstarter becomes a cesspool of overeager online panhandlers shaking you down for money.


This stomach tickling video by Above Average perfectly captures the ridiculousness of most Kickstarter campaigns. It features two people who say they want to change the world with the silliest of ideas: improving the signs of homeless people. The funding they'll get through 'Thingstarter' will be used to fund the team's food runs and subsidize the cost of a poster to a homeless person. And of course, they'll give you silly rewards for your money too!

Kickstarter, it helps everybody! [Above Average]