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The Future Corporate Dystopia Is Here (Again) in the First Trailer for Incorporated

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The five-minutes-into-the-future megacorp dystopia is hardly a new concept—this Matt Damon and Ben Affleck-produced take on it for Syfy is just the latest in a long line. Original or otherwise, however, the first footage from Incorporated manages to strike an effectively tense tone.

Incorporated follows SPIGA Biotech employee Ben Larson (Sean Teale) as he infiltrates the heart of the corporation in order to find technology that could save the woman he loves, only to uncover even more dangerous secrets behind SPIGA’s facades.


The trailer (here’s a Twitter version if you can’t watch the above video in your country), released at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, hits all the hallmarks you’d expect—espionage, sinister businesswomen speaking to the masses from giant video screens, armed security guarding office workers in cubicles, and good old “floating UI so you know it’s the future” tech. But it at the least looks very slick, and it gets across the tense thriller tone you’d want out of some corporate espionage sci-fi. Let’s hope the show itself has a little more than that to make itself stand out, though.

Incorporated is set to begin on November 30th.