The Future of Male Sextech Sounds Like a Bike Pump

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The Arcwave Ion
Photo: John Biggs/Gizmodo

The Arcwave Ion, a new sex toy from a company called Wow Tech, promises a different kind of male orgasm. They deliver... kind of.

BTW, friends, this review is NSFW.

Wow Tech makes the disgustingly-named Womanizer, a popular ladies toy that uses vibration and suction to directly stimulate the clitoris. The product, which took the world by storm a few years ago, changed the traditional penetrative style of female sex toys and instead focused on one single body part. The result, I’m told, is interesting.


The $199 Arcwave tries to do the same thing by focusing primarily on the frenulum, the little spot under the head of the penis. Because Wow Tech apparently likes this suction thing, the Arcwave consists of a sleeve with a hole on the underside. To use it you place your Seth Thomas into the sleeve and turn it on. Unlike Tenga jars and other simulators, the vibration happens in one place and is uniform.

The device basically pulls and vibrates a single spot on your penis. When it doesn’t sense suction, it turns off completely. But when it’s on, it sounds like a little electric bike pump. You can change it to silent mode to reduce the overall noise, and there are controls for intensity. As it stands, however, the device basically does one thing for as long as it senses an appendage. To clean the Arcwave, you simply twist off the sleeve and rinse it. An included charger also acts as a drying station.


How does it feel? The Arcwave offers a fairly unique type of orgasm. Because male sextech is pretty much mired in the concept of holes that buzz, this is a welcome change. I tried it a few times and can report that this is far less energetic than any other device I’ve tried and far quieter. Because it’s just a soft little buzz, you won’t feel like the neighbors can hear you 3D printing yourself, and because there’s no motion you can basically sit back and let it work.


As for the claim that the orgasms are “better,” I can’t quite agree. The orgasms are definitely different, and it is absolutely great that this company is rethinking male pleasure. I’ve tried a few of these devices, and each one has its pluses and minuses. I can’t report that this device left me super pleased, but your experience may vary.

How the Arcwave Ion works
Photo: John Biggs/Gizmodo

To get acquainted with the Arcwave’s unique experience, the company recommends trying it three or four times, which I did. The overall stimulation is fairly limited, and the idea that frenulum stimulation is enough to change your orgasms is charming if a little ambitious. Again, I’m sure there are guys out there who will enjoy this, just as I know there are women who swear by the Womanizer. The Arcwave Ion is a good idea in a very classy package but, as they say, different strokes (or non-strokes) for different folks.


  • The Arcwave Ion flips the script when it comes to sex toys.
  • Instead of energetic motion, the device focuses on one nerve-filled part of your Beast’s Castle.
  • It’s a fun and fine device if a little pricey at $199.