The Gadget That Should Have Never Been Invented

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Some technologies have a definitive impact in the progress of civilization that will leave a mark in Humanity forever. This utterly ridiculous contraption not one of them.


Breast pumps are great for moms and babies, but this thing just goes beyond useful to get straight into idiotic territory for lazyasses with no sense of dignity and self-respect. And the perfect blonde who obviously is not lactating talking happily on her phone is really not helping it. [Thanks Karl!]

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Jesus, I'll agree with you that the image portrayed by this ad is pretty stupid... that is, women walking around doing every-day tasks while pumping. I'm surprised they stopped short of showing them jogging down the street with this on.

However, the invention itself is not stupid at all. My wife got so sick of holding the pumps to her chest for the 15 long minutes required for each pumping session (yes it takes that long, and we're talking like 6 times a day every single day for many months) that she actually "invented" a similar setup herself by cutting holes in an old bra and fitting the pumps through those holes. She didn't know these were available in stores, and started wondering if she could market this. I quickly found out that many companies beat her to it. In any case, pumping became much less of a hassle for her.

She did not stroll around the house with a big smile on her face pushing a vacuum or whatever while she was pumping, but she was able to lean back in her rocker and use her phone.

I'm not going to bag on you and talk all kinds of crap like the other armchair journalists here (I'd hate to think what some of these guys would post as articles). The imagery of the ad clearly threw you for a loop and discredited the whole invention. They should be a little more serious about how they market this.