The Galaxy Note 3 Has a Hidden Tiny Screen Mode For Your Tiny Hands

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If, like many of us, your hands are too small to to comfortably use the Galaxy Note 3's giant 5.7-inch display, you're in luck. Android Central has uncovered a hidden tiny screen mode for your tiny baby dwarf hands.

It may look a little silly, but tiny screen mode is actually pretty darn useful. To activate it, go to settings, select controls, and hit one-handed operation. It then shrinks your display down to a reasonable stature, and you can resize it and move it around as you wish. Sure, it might look dopey to see a teeny little shrimp screen inside the Note's big and tall build, but if Android screens are going to continue to get bigger, this is the best way to make sure they're still usable. [Android Central via AndroidBeat]