The history of Ghostbusters video games isn't exactly dotted with memorable titles, so when the folks at Cryptozoic (the same people responsible for the wonderful Adventure Time Card Wars game) wanted to re-visit the franchise, they decided to turn it into an episodic board game instead. And given the explosion in popularity of both board games and busting ghosts as of late, the company probably won't have much difficulty in making its Kickstarter campaign a success.

It unfortunately means that you can't buy Ghostbusters: The Board Game just yet, but with a donation of $80 you can at least secure yourself one of the first copies shipping later this year in October.


The game is based on the art of comic book illustrator Dan Schoening, so if you've read the graphic novels you'll feel comfortable with the style. But fans of the original movie, or the '80s cartoon, will still be able to recognize all the well-known characters including Venkman, Stantz, Zeddemore, Spengler, Slimer, and of course the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (one of the game's three 'boss' characters).

Each of the game's four playable ghost-busting characters has a specific role and special abilities that are slowly unlocked as play progresses, and while it can be played alone, Ghostbusters: The Board Game is probably far more enjoyable with a group of friends, just like watching the original movie. [Cryptozoic]


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