The Gizmodo Winter Survival Guide is Full of Hot Air

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Yeah, yeah, yeah. Winter frost bites, we know. But unless you're some sort of cold-impervious superhuman like red-blooded man-icicle Wim Hof (featured above), or willing to be an ex-pat in a hippy-filled, sub-tropic border town (ew), it's a thing you're going to have to deal with from time to time. Hence the Gizmodo Winter Survival Guide, brought to you by the toughest winter warriors out there, our friends at Columbia. We've been rounding up the top tech items needed to get you through the impending frigid months, so head below to get prepared.

In Your Face

Do you have a deep desire to look like a Bane fanboy whilst tearing it up on the slopes? The ColdAvenger ski mask offers full, hardcore-looking protection, plus it mixes inhaled cold air and exhaled hot air to keep your face up to 60 degrees warmer than outside temperatures. Now just practice your best scary growl, and you'll have the bunny run to yourself.


Please Sir, May I Have Some Warmth?

The modern equivalent to writing your novel in a freezing cold garret warmed only by wool blankets and a thick coal smog, is writing your merchandising report in a freezing cold cubicle warmed only by this USB heated mousepad. Get one and then get a new job.


This Bomb is Actually a Fireplace

Don't expect Santa down this chimney. For the past few years, Estonian sculptor, Mati Karmin has taken deactivated Russian sea mines from the 1940s, and turned them into a whole array of sinister looking furniture—including this freestanding fireplace. Nothing says the holidays like gathering the family around the open hearth and hoping they don't blow to smithereens.


Slip n' Slide

Neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night will stop you from walking around in gross weather like an idiot—that is, if you have these removable cleats from Kahtoola. Simply slip them on to your boots and prepare to meet the elements.


Keep Your Tootsies Toasty

Nothing kills seasonal goodwill faster than a pair of cold, soggy feet. Fortunately, Columbia's classic Bugaboot has been spiffed out with the addition of electric powered thermal technology. Simply flick a button and the waterproof boot's rechargeable batteries deliver 4 hours of heat into the already super-insulated interior.


So go forth little snowmen (and women) and embrace the wintery chill. Before long the sun will be back and all will be right in the world…and if not there is always Omni-Heat Electric.

Head to Columbia for tons more ways to survive this season.