The Google Play Music iOS App Is Finally Here

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Google Play Music has always sort of been available on iOS through your favorite HTML 5-enabled browser app, but today, the service is available as a native iOS application. Rejoice!

The new Google Play Musi app includes both the standard, free Google Play Music service that allows you to match and upload your music collection to the cloud, as well as All Access, Google's subscription streaming music service.

The app has most of the features you were used to in the Android version, except adapted to the iOS design language. As I noted over the summer, with the $10 subscription, Google Play Music All Access is a solid product that competes with the best paid radio/on-demand services out there. We'll update if there's anything significant to note from the iOS experience, but it seems to be exactly what you'd expect. [iTunes via 9to5Mac]


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I really think google is doing an awesome job of making Apple's sometimes inferior services irrelevant. Between Now, Maps, and now Music they are killing it. It really contrast the two competitors end goals for revenue. Apple wants to sell shiny devices, google wants to sell free services. Sad they don't work together more, it seems like their not as direct competitors as they might think.

Keep up the good work google.