You can create some incredible footage using time-lapse photography but it's not one a director has much control over. That's why California hip-hop duo, G&E, melded it with stop motion photography to make this wild music video.

Oakland's, The Grouch and Los Angeles', Eligh—collectively G&E—worked with Fort Collins, Colorado-based DJ Pretty Lights for the single, All These Lights. By injecting stop motion sequences into the timelapse progression, the band was able to add a layer of detail that timelapse glosses over. The technique is called lyric-lapsing. "It's a combination of stop motion and time lapsing techniques shot with our lyrics synced up simultaneously." G&E explained. "For every second of video we did 24 takes, each take being slightly different from the previous." However they accomplished that feat, it's pretty slick. Hubtuit produced the video while Sean Michael Williams and Gus Winkelman directed. [iTunes, Amazon, Google Play]