The Guilt is a short film, but it's worth mentioning (and seeing) because it just won the YouTube's first Your Film Festival. So what? Its writer and director, David Victori, got a cool $500,000 towards his next project, and Micheal Fassbender and Ridley Scott as its executive producers. Yeah.

The film itself is a great little punch-in-the-face, following a man named Leo on his surreal quest for revenge against his wife's killer (not really a spoiler). From a pretty standard vengeance-story start, things really go off the rails with some psychedelic Telltale Heart-like guilt-delusions, and some interesting cinematography. This guy's next thing could stand to be pretty awesome, so take a few minutes to see where it all started. Maybe you'll get to brag about an early fan a few years down the line. [Washington Post]


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