The Heroes You'll Never See

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Fans may have been so upset with the second season of NBC's Heroes that creator Tim Kring apologized to them, but if they'd known what the WGA writers' strike saved them from seeing in the season's abandoned second half, perhaps they would've been much more likely to thank him for not having to sit through even more endless time-traveling dystopic drama after all.


According to Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite, two writers and producers on the show, the "lost" third volume to the show, "Villains" - which will now appear in a significantly reworked form as the show's official third season starting in September - would have followed up on a few dangling plot threads from the second volume, "Generations". Ahead of the DVD release of the second season, which will include storyboards and completed footage for the abandoned episodes, the two spilled the beans on what we all missed to comic site Comic Book Resources.

One of the major plot threads for what we will never see involved a difference in what we did see:

We were excited about where season 2 was going to end originally. Instead of catching the [power-stealing and ultimately lethal Shanti] virus - it would be unleashed onto Odessa Texas. Creating a Quarantined town and having our heroes overcome the adversity of failure.

A series where the main characters are quarantined in one town and powerless? How much fun would that be? Not as much fun as a show where time-traveling results in accidentally abandoning characters in now non-existent futures... No, wait:

Peter's trapped Caitlin in a future that doesn't exist anymore [as the result of his time-traveling]. It's pretty hard to get back from that. (We would've seen Peter try to get Caitlin back in the remainder of Season 2, but in Season 3 - he has a whole other slate of problems to deal with.)

Personally, I think the fact that the shortened second season saved us from having to deal with either Angsty Peter weeping about accidentally dumping his girlfriend in a parallel universe (or, for that matter, from ever having to see Faux-Irish Personality-less Caitlin again) is reason enough to forgive the strike for also forcing an early end to the first season of Pushing Daisies. But wasn't there anything that would've been good about the never-to-be seen back half of season two?

As far as a flashback episode of the company founders - it's already happened in an alternate universe. Episode 15 of season 2, "1977" was to do exactly that. Powers in the time of Disco. Angela and Arthur Petrelli. But now it's up for grabs. Fan-fictioners, start your engines.


Oh, come on. There's always time for a good flashback episode, no matter what season you're working on.

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I watched season 2 very kindly, I went with them, I wasn't too impatient with plots, but the last few episodes just blew everything to shit even for enabling little me. If they don't get back to decent stories where the main characters don't act lik fucking morons pretty damn fast in season 3, I'm done with this show.

For instance:

Hey, Peter? You and Hiro have been through a lot together. Maybe believe him when he tells you what's going on instead of this other guy you barely remember and have no real history with.


Hey, Hiro? That was SO THE BEST WAY to deal with your nemesis! That will NEVER TURN OUT to have been a bad idea! It also wasn't a creepily awful and unheroic thing to have done!