The Hilariously Scientific Medicine to Cure a Hipster

It's very likely that if you're reading this, you may be afflicted with Hyper Involuntary Panic Stress Tension Elevation also known as HIPSTER. Or maybe if you're not, you know someone who is. Here's the most hilarious way to cure them: Unpretentiousil. This spoof ad drops the science of being a hipster and how it can be broken down with the miracle cure. Brooklyn, Portland, Silver Lake... we're here to help. [YouTube via TDW]

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A) "Hipster" has no fixed meaning. Like the word "terrorist", it's a propaganda term designed to dehumanize rather than describe. Gawker retired the word for good reason and replaced it with a word that more illuminates what most people really mean to say: fauxhemian. This is by far a more accurate and precise term that is meant to mock fake poverty, and the fetishization of poverty a lot of upper middle class people indulge in. This term, however, does not apply to a great deal of people who many describe as hipster; which is anyone who doesn't conform to consumer or asethetic norms.

B) Mocking hipsters, like most incredibly easy and cheap activities, says more about the mockers insecurities than it does about the mockees inappropriate level of irony.

C) A lot of hipster bashing is little more than thinly veiled, frat-boy gay bashing. "That dude borrowed his sisters pants! WHAT A FAG!". Shots at the male femininity and/or androgyny are almost always including in hipster bashing. Again, this speaks more to the mockers inadequacy than it does about the "hipster" in question, because Who cares? Why does someone wearing pink pants and ironic shirts solicit such anger in people?

D) Another faction of "hipster-bashing", though probably a far less percentage, is marked by good ol' anti-intellectualism. Throughout history, there's always been a rightwing populist streak that is threatened by anyone who seems above the "common man" culture. This is an entirely superficial criticism, and probably misguided but I think it would be wrong to ignore it completely.

E) "Hipsterdom" is seen by many as a wealthy indulgence that puts a premium on verisimilitude rather than truth, and coolness rather than achievement. I would argue there is some merit to this in some limited circles, but to paint an entire group of people who happened to like Arcade Fire, use Instagram and wear skinny jeans with this brush seems like a weird little cultural obsession for a lot of people. Get over it.

P.S. I've never been called a hipster, but I was emo for ten minutes in high school so I have a visceral dislike for hipster bashing.