The history of all religions explained in one fascinating graphic

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I spent some of my college years studying with the Jesuits, which inevitably led to theology classes and the fascinating history of religion. That class is summarized in this new version of a great graphic by Simon E. Davies, a complex tree of myths and traditions continuously evolving into remakes.

Even while the dates are approximate—many of these religions started before written records—this is how most religion historians agree that it all happened. It's quite fun to listen to the Jesuits themselves explain how modern Christianity is nothing but a rebooted version of Judaism mashed up with some new tales and the old Roman and Greek polytheistic traditions.

Ultimately, the lesson here is that high priests of every religion through the ages have been nothing more than unimaginative Hollywood movie producers with a taste for derivative material.


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It's amazing how many "good Christians" don't know their own mythology. I've had quite a few tell me that "Jesus wasn't no Jew. He was a Christian". I've also heard atheists proclaim that Einstein and Abe Lincoln were atheists. I'm sure that it's the same with all religions.

How can you profess to be a faith-full member of a belief system if you don't know your own dogma?