The Host: Godzilla for a New Generation

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It being Friday night and all, you should watch a movie blending all the right parts of action, horror, suspense and camp. But it need not be devoid of quality. The 2006 Korean monster flick The Host should serve you well.

Imagine some crazy doctor poured a ridiculous amount of formaldehyde down the drain, and picture that chemical making its way into a large body of water with animals. Would it breed an intelligent, pissed-off monster? Would the only hope of defeating the monster rest on the shoulders of a down-on-his-luck halfwit? In The Host, the answer is yes. Action is the name of the game here, but there's plenty to be said about friends, family and love as well. Don't be thrown off by the kooky CGI, or over-the-top sequences, The Host is a quality film worthy of a view. [Netflix]