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The Hot Tub Boat Is the World's Most Luxurious Possible Thing

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Imagine this—you're in a hot tub. Nice! You're also surrounded by water. Ooh. You're also out boating, while hot-tubbing, while drinking. All at once. The future is now and it is steamy and very wet.

Seattle's Hot Tub Boats—a creation so brilliant it can pass with a dumb name—are so decadent, they don't even have a price yet. But you better believe they will soon! Passengers (yeah, the thing moves!) will be treated to "coolers, locked dry storage, water jets, running gear and safety equipment." Must you wear clothes? We don't know. Is a life vest and nothing else a faux pas? How do you steer a boat that appears to have no wheel? I am guessing raw sexual energy. [Hot Tub Boats via Uncrate]