The HP TouchPad Is Officially Cheaper Than the iPad... Forever

An HP internal memo revealed that the TouchPad "sale" last weekend was actually the introduction of its new price-tag. The 16GB model is now permanently $399 and the 32GB is $499. [TheNextWeb]


golferal - pataflaflas FTW

Got a little hands-on time with a Touchpad the other day at Best Buy and compared it side by side with a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and iPad2. Gotta say that WebOS is still the best for ease of use and multitasking. I know some people were complaining about the hardware being kind of chunky but it felt pretty good in the hand (better than the iPad IMO). If I actually needed a tablet I'd probably buy the Touchpad, but I'm holding out for the new $1000-ish super thin lappies.