The images in this video can actually screw up your brain and vision

I squinted my eyes and covered the screen and looked away when I was watching this video by Tom Scott because I don't want to have colored vertical and horizontal lines ingrained in my vision because my brain got fried from staring too long at the images in the video. So I suggest you do the same and look away. No, seriously. Don't look too long or you're going to start seeing stuff that's not actually there.


It's called the McCollough effect which basically means black and white gratings can appeared colored after you stare at red and green gratings. It's an aftereffect, so your vision of things will change after a period of induction. Wikipedia explains:

For example, if someone alternately looks at a red horizontal grating and a green vertical grating for a few minutes, a black-and-white horizontal grating will then look greenish and a black-and-white vertical grating will then look pinkish. The effect is remarkable for often lasting an hour or more, and in some cases after prolonged exposure to the grids, the effect can last up to three months.


Don't say we didn't warn you. Do not look at the images in this video for too long.

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Nothing to See Here!

A "colourist" is someone who grades/colour corrects a movie, and male colourists have to look at a special black and white image every so often to recalibrate their eyes so that they don't grade/colour correct the video incorrectly. I'm guessing this is the same thing.

Females don't because there are no female colourists.

Jokes aside, female eyes work differently or something so they don't need to, females are better at being a colourist.

This post is an excellent example of sensationalist journalism. I was expecting to actually have some examples of the effect, not a 2 second picture of some green/red lines and a guy talking at Disney Land. Here's a GIF that does a better job.